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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Does The SEO Article Writer You Hire Know How To Use Social Media?

Social media marketing is big these days. Way too big. In fact there is no way that you can develop effective SEO content for your site without incorporating social media. That means that if the SEO article writer developing content for your site doesn’t have a clue you will lose out big time.

The big question on your mind now must be how does somebody effectively incorporate social media into their SEO strategy and article writing?

Actually the idea is to ensure that apart from the traffic that your optimized articles will be able to attract directly from search engines, there should be plenty of interest on the content generated from social media on. A popular social networking site like Facebook is huge and what that means is that any well crafted mention of an article will be seen by a colossal audience. If only even a small fraction of this audience shares the mention of your content it could start a viral effect that will not only grow the audience for your article tremendously but it will also create links pointing straight back to your site. These will be links that will have been generated naturally and will have a huge impact on your page ranking and website SEO.

And this is why any web master who develops content while ignoring social media or fails to take advantage of the huge audience in popular sites like Twitter and Facebook is doing themselves a great disservice.

You need to also remember that social sites force extremely high standards on any developer of content. Nobody is going to click through to boring content or an article that is not extremely useful to them. Nobody on social media has time to read an article that is anything less than engrossing.

And so one of the other benefits of incorporating social media into your ghost article writing is the fact that it will improve the quality of articles. Your hired ghost writer will really have no choice.

One of the really powerful techniques for ensuring that they have great content is to craft articles that address the most pressing problems facing the prospects that are best solved by the business they are writing content for.

Now you understand why it is so important to go for a SEO ghostwriter who understands how to use social media. It will make a big difference in the kind of results you end up with from your articles.


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Thursday, April 05, 2012


To keep this blog going I will from time to time to time accept advertisements/links and other opportunities to generate income. I will however always play by the rules and endeavor to keep my blog as interesting and engrossing as possible to my readers.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Serious Trouble, A Girl I Dreamt About And Adsense valuable Keywords

If truth be told, I was in serious trouble.

To cut a very long and extremely sad story short, the bills had spun out of control, so much so that I currently had no fixed abode. I couldn’t even afford the run down hotel room I currently called home and was at least one week behind in my payments.

I needed to make some cash, and I needed to make it fast. But how?

I was well aware that all I needed was a single deal for one of my blogs and I would be covered for several weeks and maybe even months. But then that deal had proved elusive so far.

Was that why I was chatting up young girls? Was it to divert attention from my crisis?

That was around the time I discovered this site that promised millions of visitors in traffic in exchange for doing a few things that were not all that difficult to achieve. It seemed like just the sort of thing I badly needed. Dumb as I was I had already come to the correct conclusion that without traffic, there was very little hope of success for any site.

Earnings in a blog or any site hinge on the volume of traffic they receive regularly. Earlier I had fallen for the valuable Adsense keywords thing but then it soon dawned on me that without traffic, the valuable words were useless.

So it seemed that I had stumbled onto an amazing way to get huge traffic fast… or had I?

And I don’t think it was a coincident that I stumbled onto this site the morning after I had had some dreams about this girl I met at the library that I cannot discuss here. It was also clear as day to me that to get her, my jokes would just not be enough.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

"You’re Too Old For That"

Day 1

"So what do you do with your life when you’re not in the library?" she asked too suddenly.

The way this relationship was developing I felt that I needed to tell the truth. But how would I do that and still remain with a fighting chance with her.

"I don’t know how to answer that question," I said my mind racing fast and feeling like an overworked and overheating Pentium processor in some stuffy tower.

She giggled. An almost sarcastic giggle. At least that was what I thought I heard.

"And I would rather not answer that question. National security and all that…"

She laughed out loud this time and I saw the perfect set of white teeth for the first time that had been hidden by those sensuous lips bathed in glittering crimson lipstick. She stopped laughing and looked at me seriously, expectantly.

It was then that I deeply regretted having come to the library so early this morning. But then how would I have met her if I hadn’t?

"I’m an internet entrepreneur,” I blurted out. “There’s a problem with my Internet connection at home," I lied.

"You’re a little old for that, don’t you think?"

"How old should an Internet entrepreneur be, legally?"

"Twenty something is ideal, she teased."

"I know I look forty something, my false beard must really be convincing."

"You’re really funny, you know. You should be in the movies or something."

So the conversation went on and on. I must admit that I rather enjoyed it apart from that time she asked me what I did for a living. What living, I wondered bitterly.

And then the library opened and that’s when I came in and fled to my usual corner (my office) as she headed towards the fiction section.

And that’s how I sat down here to write this first post of my new online diary. The online diary of an Internet billionaire.

But then this story has to start at the beginning shouldn’t it? I mean that is really the juicy part. How I made my money and what kind of trouble I was in before the cash started rolling in.

And then because this story will be made into a big-budget Hollywood movie one day, there has to be a leading lady. Which I suppose will be that sexy young girl I just met outside the library. She may be 15 years younger than my forty years but I have enough experience with women to tell you that she likes me very much and something is definitely going to develop in that direction. Despite the fact that I fled from her today. I can assure you that she’s going to be a really amazing part of this story.

But let’s start from the beginning shall we.

You see I’ve been fooling around with blogs for sometime now. I applied successfully for Adsense and got it and I’ve been reading every piece of advice that I can lay my hands on online, but with very little success. So far apart from the few cents that I’ve made from Adsense, I have little to show for all those long hours creating content for my blogs and generally trying to make something happen.